The family SEUME is thought to have originated in Prussia.

The first bearer of the name to settle in England was Frederick Albert Seume who arrived on the 12th December 1834 and was granted British citizenship in 1854. From 1859 to 1866, he was one of the very last civilians to serve as Bandmaster to a British Army Regiment. [More...]

There are a few references to other Seumes with no known links to the present family, most intriguingly to the marriage of Simon Seume at Stoke Damerel, Plymouth in 1789. [More...]

The most interesting, but as yet unproven, link is to the writer and traveller Johann Gottfried Seume.

In 1880, the family began acquiring land in Ash Vale; the extent of this, and the sequence of its purchase and eventual disposal will be demonstrated in the property section.

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All the Generation Index pages (see links at left) are available; individual pages are being made available as time permits. These are linked from the relevant generation's index page.

A number of documents, and a detailed date list are now available for Herbert Thomas Seume and a narrative 'life' of Albert Samuel Seume has recently been added.

Visit to Germany 2006

In August 2006, Renée and David toured part of Western Europe and, during the course of their holiday, stayed in Leipzig for a few days. The highlight of this visit was meeting, and being entertained by, Frank and Karin Seume at their home in Leissling, a few kilometres west of Leipzig. Some photographs can be seen here...

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