A bit sad but some people might be vaguely interested.

Cars owned

Most recent first:

2014 VW Golf 1.4 TSI SE Cabriolet

Traded in the Fiat 500 for an immaculate Golf (24,000m) with seven-speed DSG semi-automatic gearbox.

2016 Ford Fiesta 1.0

Bought (from a Ford main dealer) with 600 demonstrator miles on the clock.

2003 Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia

Finally replaced the 1.8 Zetec after 140,000m with this (58,000m). Had planned to get something more modern (and economical) but, before a choice could be made, this was found. It'll be interesting to see how long it stays.

Not long, it turmed out! After a couple of years without a problem, the timing belt slipped on our way to Devon; resulting in the destruction of the engine!

2009 Fiat 500C

Decided that it was not easy to safely drive the Boxster in a spirited fashion around the Surrey lanes and also got fed up with young men thinking they had to 'race' at every opportunity! So went for a small, fun convertible which, incidentally, uses half the fuel and yet retains the 'fun' element!

2002 Porsche Boxster 2.7

Got the bug, you see! Once I'd established that I really did like pottering around in a Porsche, I fancied a more up to date model. The Boxster seemed the best mix of practicality and so that's what I got; a very clean 2002 model with 28,000 on the clock.

1990 Porsche 944S2

It had to happen sooner or later! Bought in April 2005 at 123,000 miles and with a full Porsche service history. Titanium with Linen interior. Used daily, as it should be, but sold at 150,000 miles when the Boxster came along.

1997 VW Polo 1.4 16V

Had to concede that the Beetle was not a particularly practical everyday car, especially after getting used to more modern stuff, but couldn't bring ourselves to part with it!. Bought this at 34,000 miles. It looked very smart in its Dragon Green and seemed to handle even better than our old Mk1 but was a lot quicker!

1973 VW Beetle 1303

Bought at VolksWorld Show 2001 (44,000 miles). Excellent condition, no rust, no welding. Thought to be one of the very best unrestored 1303s.

Sold at 2004 VolksWorld Show (52,500 miles)

2000 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8

Couldn't believe we bought a Ford. Actually very good! We had this for 14 years, as the 'sensible' car.

1982 Citröen 2CV Charleston

Very well looked after Yellow and Black model. Fully documented service history. Bought at 92,000 miles, sold at 117,000 when I fancied getting a Beetle again. I would have kept this as well, if I'd had room.

1987 VW Jetta 1.8 MkII

Served us very well; bought at 44,000 miles, scrapped at 130,000 when the Focus came along.

1988 Citröen 2CV Dolly

The only car I've ever had from new. Written off outside local shop after 11 years and 80,000 miles. I had stepped out 10 seconds earlier so I suppose, on balance, I was fairly lucky!

1982 VW Jetta 1.3 MkI

Big boot served family well but rather underpowered. So dull, the children named it 'Clive'!

1972 Renault 4L

Brown, looked like a suitcase but very practical fun. Our first 'second' car, bought with the proceeds of Road Safety programs I had written for the BBC Micro!

1977 VW Polo MkI

Small but perfectly formed. More room inside than the Type3s! Handled as if on rails.

1969 VW Type 3 Variant

After the birth of our third child, we needed more luggage space and thought this might be the answer. It wasn't really. It was the worst VW we've had. Auto gearbox was interesting but the car was so sluggish and broke down often.

1970 VW Type 3 Fastback

Once again, it just didn't seem right without the sound of an air-cooled flat four. This one went like a rocket - don't know why particularly, as it was completely standard. The Michelins on the front were replaced after 102,000 miles!

1971 Renault 6

Very practical, very leaky! Sold it immediately after a wet week in the Lake District.

1964 VW Beetle

It had to be another Beetle really; nothing else felt right! Another Pearl White '64, unfortunately. Can't remember too much about this one but we eventually decided to swap it for something with more verstatile carrying capacity for holidays.

1968 Fiat 500

Great fun, although it regularly snapped a driveshaft. Our greatest moment came on a camping holiday in the Lakes when, during a day of 'pass storming', a crowd of people stood up to applaud as we breasted the summit of Hard Knott Pass! Very touching!

1964 VW Beetle

Pearl White. Bought for £295 from the Governor of the local prison! This was the car in which Renée and I went off on our honeymoon in Cornwall. The brakes failed on the second day so we drove for the rest of the ten days using the handbrake! Took it to the VW agent in Cheltenham on our return and, as I parked it outside the flat when the work was done, the handbrake cables snapped!

One night, a Jaguar Mk10 turned across our path and hit us almost head-on. The car certainly sustained some damage but the Jag came off worse!!

In a fit of early 'green-ness', we tried to do without a car for a while. The Beetle was sold to someone who somehow managed to drive it into Loch Lomond and later converted it into a Beach Buggy.

1966 Ausin Mini

A bit awkward this one: a kind aunt (who just happened to be sister-in-law of NUM leader Arthur Scargill) wanted to make me a gift of her three year old Mini and I was hardly in a position to refuse. So I kept it for what seemed a polite length of time (3 months) then sold it to buy another Beetle.

1959 VW Beetle

Garnet Red, Pirelli Cinturatos, 92,000 miles. Found in the back of a yard in Farnborough, this was a 'must-have' after spending several weeks with a friend's Beetle during the summer.

1961 Austin Minivan

I really wanted a 2CV but Dad thought it wasn't a proper car! This was good fun though. Taking the head off and scraping the soot away added around 20% more speed in all gears!

1955 Fiat 600

Dad bought it for me for £40. Used to hit 85 on the A3 from Hindhead whilst watching the road flash by through the holes in the floor! Sold it to an old Primary school friend who RallyCrossed it until the driver's seat fell through the bottom.